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16. May 2024
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Charging cables

Charging cable KBE EVC H07BZ5-F

The new European charging line standard EN 50620 has been in force since November 2017. For this we have developed our charging cable KBE EVC H07BZ5-F and certified by the VDE. 

Additional certifications, like IEC 62893 & CQC GB/T 33594, emphasize our high quality standard as well as international applications. 

Our cables are suitable for single-phase charging at the household socket according to mode 1, according to mode 2 with an additional control device, and according to mode 3 for charging ata public or private charging station. 

Our delivery program includes both 1 and 3-phase cables with various cable designs.
Charging cable KBE EVC H07BZ5-F
EN 50620 & IEC 62893
EV-EYU / CQC GB/T 33594
For all connectors and terminals
High flexibility
High water resistance
Individual designs
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