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KBE Solar DB H1Z2Z2-K VDE TÜV Rheinland 62930 IEC 131

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KBE Solar DB H1Z2Z2-K VDE TÜV Rheinland 62930 IEC 131

Our improved VDE+TÜV Rheinland certified solar cable "KBE Solar DB" (H1Z2Z2-K; 62930 IEC 131) also meets the requirements for solar cables for utility company projects and therefore offers you a range of additional benefits while maintaining our excellent conditions:
kbe solar db h1z2z2 k vde
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Features and benefits of the solar cable KBE Solar DB H1Z2Z2-K

VDE certified acc. to European standard EN 50618 (H1Z2Z2-K),
certified acc. to international standard IEC 62930 (IEC 131)
Product and manufacturing site inspection by TÜV Rheinland and VDE
Designed and tested for 1.500 VDC (1.800 VDC max.)
Including consecutive meter marking
High quality – Made in Germany - and long life time of min. 25 years acc. to EN 50618 / IEC 62930
High flexibility and bendability, compatibility with all common connectors
High UV stability
Designed for the temperature range - 40°C to +120°C
Halogen free and resistant to acids and alkalis
Higher water resistance and higher insulation resistance
Different colors (black, red, blue) and packaging (500m, 1,000m)
Worldwide deliveries on favorable terms

Certification of the solar cable KBE Solar DB H1Z2Z2-K

kbe zertifikat 01
VDE Drawing approval
kbe zertifikat 02
TÜV Rheinland Certificate
kbe zertifikat 03
TÜV Rheinland Certificate
kbe zertifikat 04
KBE DoP 7071

Applications of the solar cable KBE Solar DB H1Z2Z2-K

A solar cable connects the solar modules with the inverter and other system components. It is thus an essential element in photovoltaic systems, ensuring the efficient and safe transmission of solar power.

The KBE Solar DB H1Z2Z2-K solar cable is a flexible cable specifically designed for use in European photovoltaic systems, meeting high standards in terms of insulation and durability. Its robust properties ensure a long lifespan, especially when used in harsh environments.
kbe solar kabel

Overview table of the solar cable KBE Solar DB H1Z2Z2-K

cross-sectiondesignresistancemin. insulation thicknessmin. jacket thicknessouter Øweight
[mm²]n x max- Ø [mm]Rmax. [mΩ/m][mm][mm][mm][kg/km]
2,550 x 0,2608,210,530,585,045
4,056 x 0,3105,090,530,585,455
6,080 x 0,3103,390,530,586,075
10,080 x 0,4101,950,530,587,1115
16,0120 x 0,4101,240,530,678,1170
25,0196 x 0,4100,7950,710,7510,5265
35,0280 x 0,4100,5650,710,8412,0370
50,0392 x 0,410,3930,800,9214,5550
70,0343 x 0,510,2770,890,9216,6725
95,0441 x 0,51 0,210,891,0118,3950

Packaging and versions of the solar cable KBE Solar DB H1Z2Z2-K

100 m coils

Versions: red, blue, black
Length: 100 meters
In-stock items available for immediate delivery!
kbe gebinde schlauch rot
kbe gebinde schlauch blau
kbe gebinde schlauch schwarz

Drum packaging

Versions: red, blue, black
Length: 500 meters & 1000 meters

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